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Earth Safe Finishes has been making non-toxic VOC free paint and paint products for over 20 years. 

Meet Nancy

The Inventor Behind Earth Safe Finishes

Nancy the Owner of Earth Safe Finishes

Compassion and empathy…..it’s a thread that has run through every job, occupation, interests, relationships, family and activities for my entire life. It makes me happy and gives me peace of mind. From an early age putting paint on any surface and watching the change was miraculous.

Repurposing, recycling, the trash to treasure mindset has been with me for all my life (and that has been many, many years)! I have taught classes and attempted to show the world how recycling and repurposing can save money and get the creative juices flowing. So it was easy for me to keep that mind set when I started Earth Safe Finishes.

Non-Toxic means healthier paint.

What is the biggest complaint about paint? Oh My Gosh….the SMELL!!! Most of us go through life thinking that it’s normal. In my case…paint. I was in the paint industry early on manufacturing what was called “non Toxic” paint but it was everything but that. When my 2 year old granddaughter would come to work with me and breathe in what is called “non toxic” smells and get headaches and feel sick, I said, “what is wrong here”?

Non toxic but making her sick!?!?

So that was the beginning of research, exploration and development of all these products that birthed Earth Safe Finishes. Toxins, off gassing, heavy metals were not an option. The paint skeptics told me that it was impossible to develop products without solvent, they would wash off and not stick.

Guess what????

They don’t wash off, they stick. Stick better than any other paints, and they don’t make you sick (no respirators here). We work inside and outside, paint gets everywhere but clean up is easy with soap and water.

The Perfect Paint ™ was born!

One of the best chemists in the US got onboard and was instrumental in developing these formulas. I got to say “yes” or “no” or “why not”! It has been 22 years now and we are safer than ever. As with many things we have taken for granted over the years, few knew about toxins and off gassing and interior air quality. Few knew how devastating inhaling solvents and lead and formaldehyde and a myriad of other chemicals that are in most paint can be to us as individuals. Smells, headaches, nausea, fertility and even autism and cancer can come from the paint that most deem safe.

Not Earth Safe Finishes!!!!

From teaching preschoolers to seniors, children with autism to those with multiple chemical sensitivities Earth Safe Finishes is the Brightest Star in the paint world.

We manufacture, we pour, we label and we ship. And best of all we are made in America. One may call us a diamond in the rough but this diamond shines through the roughness and keeps climate change under control, keeps individuals that want to paint from getting sick, and keeps the creative juices flowing.

This is definitely a passion but it is one we can all have and have safely. Come and paint with us!!!!!!

With Much Love,

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All of our products come in clear plastic containers that are free of known harsh chemicals and are ready to be recycled. You won't find any greed or materialism here, just a passion to make the world a safer place and the individual a healthier person. 


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