We offer two products that can be used as decoupage, helping you with any project! VOC Free and Non-toxic.

What can we help you bond together?

Making the transition from a craft to a fine art is simply a matter of artistic placement of the decoupage materials and the building up of layers varnish. The adhesive sealer in our Decoupage creates a tight bond that dries quickly and is easy to use. It dries clear and smooth, leaving no brush marks. 

Directions for Use:

Use on: canvas, glass plates, wood, paper, metal, tin, glass, plastic, furniture, lampshades, bowls, trays, any surface.

Cover the front of the paper, fabric, or other surface with Decoupage adhesive. Let dry. Cut or tear image and position it on surface of object. Brush Decoupage onto back of image and to surface of object. Lay paper down on object to be decoupaged. Gently push out extra Decoupage adhesive and bubbles using brush, fingers or brayer. Start from middle and push outward to edge. The lighter the paper, the easier it will tear. Let dry and continue adding images or paint to cover edges of paper. Our Gel Medium works well to hide paper edges.

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All of our products come in clear plastic containers that are free of known harsh chemicals and are ready to be recycled. You won't find any greed or materialism here, just a passion to make the world a safer place and the individual a healthier person. 


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