Fabric Magic

Paint on any fabric and have it stick. VOC Free and Non-toxic.

Want to paint on clothes and have it last?

Added to Pigment or paint Fabric Magic acts as a binder for the Pigment. A binder is added to products to keep them from washing off. This product allows you to paint on fabric or any surface and it will retain its color when dry or wet. Fabric Magic, water, and Pigment make the perfect solution for dying, painting and staining. VOC free, odor free, totally safe and easy to use.

Directions for Use:

Make sure fabric to be dyed is washed and dried to remove any sizing. Measure Fabric Magic into a dish using about 1-part Fabric Magic to 2 parts water. Add Pigment or paint to mixture by drops, depending on desired intensity of color. Dip or brush on. Let dry. For extra durability set with hot iron or clothes dryer when dry. Best used at temperatures between 65-80 degrees F. Clean up with no VOC Hand/Brush Cleaner or soap/water.

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