Iridescents Paint

Give any item shimmer and shine. VOC Free and Non-toxic.

Need color that shines and shimmers?

Iridescents is a rich, vibrant, bold, strong, pearlescent gel medium. It is based on the powerful patterns and colors of Italian textile manufacturer, Marino Fortuny. Iridescents can be painted, stenciled, rubbed, sponged, fauxed or troweled on clothing, fabric, wood, walls, canvas, gourds, any surface. Easy to use, it gives a shimmer and vibrancy to any canvas, clothing, or work of art. It is bottled in an attractive 2 oz. jar in colors of Crimson, Sapphire, Magenta, Teal, Emerald, Gold and the Pure White. The Pure White can have any of the colors of Pigment added to it to give endless possibilities of color. Iridescents can be applied to clothing by brushing or stenciling it on. Will not wash off. Add a little glitter over the paint to give it more pizzazz. When sponged lightly on gourds it can give a faux Raku look. Paint or sponge on the bottoms of plates so the vibrancy shows through and the plate is totally food safe. The Gold Iridescents may be used to create a faux gold leaf. Brush on the Gold Iridescents, let dry and then go over it with any colored to achieve the beautiful variegated gold leaf look.

We suggest that Iridescents be protected with varnishes for the best durability. If more working time is desired, add a little of ESF Extender for slower drying.

Directions for Use:

Simply open cap and take out a small amount to apply to project. Use brush, bristle brush, foam brush, pallet knife, sponge to apply Iridescents to surface. May mix colors together for a marbled look. When applying to glass, work on underside so Iridescents can show through the glass. This way, if serving food, surface will be food safe. 

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