Moulding Gel

Create any object free hand or with silicon moulds. VOC Free and Non-toxic.

What will you create with unlimited possibilities?

Earth Safe Finishes VOC Free Moulding Gel is a thick white creamy water based product that dries white and flexible. Here is a combination of a natural product and a very safe acrylic coming together to make an incredible product. Moulding Gel is flexible when dry. used for It is used to create designs from molds by filling the mold with the gel and letting it dry. This creates an embellishment or medallion.

The Moulding Gel can cover any surface. Just spread it on your surface and, when dry, peel off and turn over. Works for making “skins” and even stamping. Apply with a brush, foam brush, palette knife, trowel or even with fingers. Mix in metallics, Pigments and/or powders. It can be used on glass and is beautiful when Pigment, and/or one of our metallic products is layered over the top of it.

Directions for Use:

Level with a palette knife. Use of a little oil spread on mold before adding gel makes it easier to remove. To make skins, spread over parchment paper or wax paper. Let dry and gently remove from paper. To color…add a drop of Pigment or Iridescents and mix or add metallic paint. To protect project, use one of Earth Safe Finishes Varnishes.

A Green Product

Cleans up with soap and water or Hand/Brush Cleaner.

Water Based, non-toxic, no VOC’s, No Heavy Metals.

Bottled in 8 oz., quart and gallon containers.

Works well with any of Earth Safe Finishes other products.


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