VOC Free Patina Paint

Patina any project or piece with our 3 color options. VOC Free and Non-toxic.

Do you want a natural patina look?

Our VOC Free Patina is a thin colored water-based product. That dries and looks like an old rusted or patinaed piece. Patina’s three colors, Rust, Green and Blue are all you need to give a newer surface an old look. It can be over paper, on paintings, on metal or ceramic objects. There is no right way to give a patina look as each piece in nature is completely different from another.

Patina Glaze allows you to create a look that is hard to tell from the real thing. Safe and nontoxic – spray, splatter, sponge, paint, drip or dab. Use a little or use a lot. Mix Blue with Green Patina and/or use with Rust Glaze; “anything goes”. Let the glaze run down your object or spray it. Use on any surface over existing paint or paint, distress and patina/rust to your hearts content.

Directions for Use:

Apply with a brush, foam brush, or spray bottle, it can also be used on clothing and textiles, with a stencil and/or painted on. Machine washable but heat set first. Let the glaze run down your object or spray it. It can be used on glass.

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