Perfect Pigment

Mix your own colors for truly one of a kind projects!!  Always VOC Free and Non-toxic.

Want to make your own rainbow of colors?

These dyes or liquid pigments allow the artist to create color intensity by regulating the amount of Pigment added to ESF variety of products. Because the Pigment is compatible with all the ESF product bases, the artist is able to create watercolor, acrylic, faux oil, cold encaustic, enamel look painting and more. Highly concentrated it allows you to make your own fine art paint colors. Pigment is lightfast, fade resistant, nontoxic and has no VOC’s.

Recommended Uses:

Make sure Pigment is well mixed. Start by adding a drop or 2 to product and mix well. If more color is desired, add more drops. Some products will dry darker than the applied medium. Testing first is a good way to get to know the product.

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