Polyurethane Varnish

The perfect varnish for furniture and countertops. Low VOC and Non-toxic.

Want to protect your DIY projects?

Polyurethane Varnish has a urethane resin that gives a strong resilience as a protection. It is extremely tough and hard. It works great on countertops, and objects that get hard use. It is great in children’s rooms and on children’s furniture.

Recommended Uses:

Make sure surface is clean and dry. Stir contents thoroughly. Pour into clean dish and using a soft brush, apply varnish over surface in light straight strokes. Dries clear in about 15 minutes, depending on humidity. Apply 3 or 4 coats, building up a hard-durable topcoat. It is suggested to apply only 2 coats a day, letting them dry overnight Best used at temperatures of between 65-80 degrees.

Drying Time: Dries to the touch in approximately 15 minutes, depending on humidity and weather factors. May apply several coats within a 24-hour period. Curing time is approximately 4 days. Ideal temperature for application is between 65-80 degrees F. Will continue to harden over time.

Clean Up: Cleans up with soap and water or our Hand/Brush Cleaner.

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