Sealer and Preserver

The Go-To Sealer For Concrete Projects!.

Want a healthy sealer option?

Our Sealer and Preserver is the go to sealer for concrete vessels. It seals porous surfaces, forming a barrier to keep anything on the “inside” from bleeding through and anything on the “outside” from penetrating back through the surface, including WAX!! A sealer is the first step in ensuring that what you paint, stain, or decorate maintains the look you want and doesn’t deteriorate over time.

Dries Quickly. No Off Gassing. No Odor.

Our Sealer can be used on wood, keeping the moisture from green wood from seeping through. A non-toxic water-based sealer that completely seals furniture, new or old wood, cabinets, craft projects, walls – inside or outside, wood floors, terra cotta, cement, brick, concrete and more. Keeps the internal moisture in and the external wetness out. The Sealer seals knots in the same way. Highly colored woods, like redwood, keep their color as the Sealer forms a tight barrier that will not allow any penetration through to the other side of the barrier. ESF Sealer seals porous surfaces like terra cotta, cement, walls, brick, and concrete. It will keep oily stains like crayon from bleeding through to the painted surface. The Sealer seals metal keeping the corrosive rusts from penetrating the paint. May apply between coats of faux or decorative painting to protect previous work. Fast drying.

Directions for Use:

Apply our Sealer with a brush or sponge, making sure all area is covered. Let dry. May be lightly sanded. Use with our Texture –Smooth or Rough-to make a “slurry” for covering rough edges of wood. May be mixed with Earth Safe Finishes Texture to make a plaster effect for any surface. Pigment may be added to create a “colorized” sealer/basecoat.

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