Protective Wax

Protect your project with style. VOC Free and Non-toxic.

Want a highly durable finish?

Our Protective Wax provides the finest quality and highly durable finish when dry. These waxes don’t crack or chip; there is no fading or yellowing, and will keep protecting your finished piece for a long time. The contents go a long way. Use on any surface including Venetian Plaster, wood, walls, paper products, leather, altered art, etc. Replaces the many coats of furniture polish. No VOC Protective Wax can have a color of Pigment added to it to create a colored wax. This can be used as an antiquing medium or can be rubbed over a surface to enhance or create a totally new look. Using the colored Protecting Wax is an art form on its own

Directions for Use:

Wax is used as the final coat to protect all the artwork and painting that has gone on underneath the wax layer. It seals and smooths the surface and toughens the finish when it has cured. Any imperfections are usually able to be rubbed out when wax is applied. The wax covering serves as a water repellent barrier. It is possible to apply wax to a painted surface without a topcoat or varnish. This gives a softer more lustrous look while still protecting what you have painted.

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