Tackifier Stencil Adhesive

Replaces aerosol sprays for adhering stencils to surfaces. VOC Free and Non-toxic.

Want a healthy sealer option?

Tackifier is safe for both the user and the environment and is archival safe. By brushing Tackifier on the back of stencils you can safely position your stencil tightly to a surface. Repositionable –works over and over to keep paint, Pigment , and mediums from leaking under the stencil. Surface remains sticky for multiple uses. Dries clear. Uses: Stencils, basting glue, paper adhesive, emergency repair. Use for stamping, gold leafing, foiling. Brush on a surface and metallic pigment powders or gold leaf will adhere. Adhere fabric-to-fabric , wood-to-wood, paper-to-metal, or fabric-to-metal. Holds on trims, hems.

Directions for Use:

Pour a small amount onto plate. With foam brush, cosmetic sponge or roller spread Tackifier over surface. Let set up until sticky to the touch before using on stencils. Clean with soap/water or Hand/Brush Cleaner.

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