Texture Rough

Give a thick textured look to almost any surface. VOC Free and Non-toxic.

Do you want to add a raised effect?

Texture is a novel product in the world of embossing, raised effects, altered arts, filling of wood and creating unique effects over almost any surface. Texture – Rough- has components built into it that gives a sand like feel. Texture gives raised effects to wood or on walls. It can be applied with a pallet knife or fingers, freehand or with a stencil. Texture has some sawdust in the formula which blends into the object you are putting it on. This gives a hard wood surface when dry. It accepts stains and doesn’t shrink when placed in holes or cracks. Since it is water based, if it does dry out, simply place more water in the jar and it will renew itself overnight. Perfect Paint, Pigment and even Varnish can be mixed into the Texture for color and/or flexibility. The Stain/Sealer can also be blended in for color as well.

The Texture Rough has many uses. It can be used as an art medium for stenciling, embossing (giving raised effects on any surface as gourds, scrapbooks, even glass). It can be used for Stamp Art. It can be put on glass, metal, wood, scrapbooking paper, altered books, gourds and basically anything you can imagine to create stunning artistic images. Turn old cabinets in a kitchen into new ones using this Texture. Once applied and dried, cover with Perfect Paint, Sealer, Iridescents or Varnish.

Directions for Use:

Make sure surface is clean and dry. Apply Texture freely using a pallet knife or fingers. Use to fill holes in wood. For a raised effect, a thicker coat will create a more raised effect. For a rough plaster effect trowel onto surface. Use with or without stencil. If using with stencil, pull stencil up before dry. If surface is flexible or for added adhesion, add a small amount of Sealer or Varnish to Texture and apply. When dry, use one of ESF Varnishes for protection.

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