Ultra Thick

Turn any liquid into a paste. VOC Free and Non-toxic.

What will you create with unlimited possibilities?

Ultra Thick is a natural granulated powder that when added to a liquid almost instantly thickens the liquid to a paste, a pinch or 2 is all it takes. Drop in and mix. Nontoxic, archival safe. Environmentally safe, eliminates the need for buying extra products.

Uses: Thicken Pigment/FabricMagic mixture for stenciling; add to paint to get more textured look; create a stencil crème from any paint.
Stencils – thicken so liquid color does not seep under stencil when applying to fabric, paper, wood, metal or any surface.
Paint – to thicken paint for a textured surface. Iron and machine washable.

Directions for Use:

Take a pinch from jar and sprinkle into liquid. With chopstick, popsicle stick, spatula or another mixer. Mix in well. If more thickener is needed, continue the process until you achieve desired thickness. Apply with brush, pallet knife or sponge… Clean with soap/water or Hand/Brush Cleaner.

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