Summer Saturdays: A Special Dedication to The Haven Newberry

Summer Saturdays: A Special Dedication to The Haven Newberry

This week we want to dedicate Summer Saturdays to the incredible organization, The Haven Newberry. We've been honored to work with the students of The Haven this Summer in conjunction with the Newberry Arts Center.


One Friday July 22nd, the 2023 students unveiled the incredible mural they designed and created.


The Haven is a truly special place that takes pride in creating a super creative space for students to thrive, no matter where they come from. Imagine a warm and welcoming community that's always there to support you throughout your journey – that's what Haven Newberry's founders envisioned.

Amir Cromer, one of the co-founders and an educator at Newberry Middle School, shared the three principles that make Haven Newberry tick: love, growth, and relationships. Love is at the heart of everything they do, because let's face it, when we all show love to one another, hate doesn't stand a chance!

Growth is another key ingredient in Haven's recipe for success. They believe in helping students discover their true potential by looking deep within themselves and facing anything that might be holding them back. Fear, be gone! With a supportive environment like Haven, students can truly shine and be the best version of themselves.

Darius Stephens-York, co-founder and a law student at North Carolina Central University, emphasized how they value each student's growth journey. They're all about encouraging and pushing students to be their absolute best. How awesome is that?

The founders hope to get even more students engaged and involved with their wonderful organization in the future. So, if you're looking for a place to grow, create, and be part of a fantastic community, Haven Newberry is the place to spread some love and achieve amazing things together!