Meet Nancy

Nancy Burkhart Earthsafe Finishes

This is my passion...

Compassion and empathy…it’s a thread that has run through every job, occupation, interest, relationship, and other aspect of my life. Doing and creating good for the world and other people makes me happy and gives me peace of mind. Before there was a formal "Go Green" movement, this manifested for me through repurposing and recycling; the trash to treasure mindset has been with since childhood. From an early age, putting paint on any surface and watching the change was fascinating.

I have taught classes and attempted to show the world how recycling and repurposing can save money, save resources, and get the creative juices flowing. I eventually carried that mission into founding Earth Safe Finishes.


What is the biggest complaint about paint? Oh My Gosh…the SMELL!!! Most of us go through life thinking that it’s normal.  I was in the paint industry early on manufacturing what was called “non-toxic” paint, but it was everything but that. My two year old granddaughter came to work with me and got a headache and felt sick from inhaling the fumes. This prompted me to take a deeper look at the the products I was working with. How was something non-toxic making her sick?

That was the beginning of research, exploration and development of the products that birthed Earth Safe Finishes. Toxins, off-gassing chemicals, and heavy metals were not an option. The paint skeptics told me it was impossible to develop products without solvent; that they would wash off and not stick. I didn't believe them.


I tapped a trusted chemist to come onboard and help develop Earth Safe Finishes paint formulas. We collaborated closely, and I was able to ensure the products were exactly what I wanted by giving a yes, a no, or asking why not through every step. 

As with many things we've come to learn more about over the years, general knowledge was limited about toxins, off-gassing, and interior air quality. Few knew how devastating inhaling solvents, lead, formaldehyde, and a myriad of other chemicals found in most paint can be for individuals. Headaches, nausea, fertility complications and even cancer can result from prolonged exposure to the paint that was long deemed safe.

I was determined from the outset this wouldn't be the case with Earth Safe.

And guess what?

We created products that don’t wash off, and actually adhere better than other paints. Most importantly, they don’t make you sick - no need to throw open all your windows and doors or pull out the respirators. We work inside and outside, and clean up is easy with just soap and water.

It's been 25 years, and Earth Safe Finishes has maintained the highest standards of safety while still providing high performance products through the duration of the company's existence.


25 years later, some things about Earth Safe Finishes have evolved, but we're still a small business.  We manufacture, we pour, we label, and we ship from our warehouse and store in Newberry, SC.  All of our products come in clear plastic containers that are free of known harsh chemicals and are ready to be recycled or up-cycled. 

This is definitely a passion but it is one we can all have and have safely. Come and paint with us!!

Wishing you good art and good health,