Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are VOCs? VOCs are volatile organic compounds that release toxins into the air. While the US government has set toxicity levels for outdoor air quality, indoor air quality is crucial since we spend most of our time indoors. Being mindful of what you bring indoors is vital.

2. What dangerous materials are absent from Earth Safe Finishes products? Our products are free from harmful substances like formaldehyde, lead, cadmium, and more. We avoid solvents like acetone, toluene, and ammonia.

3. Does Earth Safe Finishes have third-party certifications? Yes, we have 7 certifications from testing labs across the country. Our ASTM D6886 certification sets a high standard for toxicity.

4. Are Earth Safe Finishes products safe for children and animals? Absolutely, our products are completely safe for both children and animals.

5. Can toxins in the home make you sick? Yes, indoor air pollution negatively affects health. Our products help improve indoor air quality by eliminating worries about toxic substances.

6. Is your paint zero VOC? Yes, all our products are zero VOC, except for Marine Varnish which has minimal VOC content.

7. Are Pigments zero-VOC? Yes, our Pigments are zero-VOC.

8. Are your products Green Seal certified? Yes, among other certifications, we have the Green Seal certification.

9. Are Earth Safe Finishes products truly non-toxic? Yes, with 7 third-party certifications, our products are among the safest available.


10. Are all Earth Safe Finishes products compatible with each other? Yes, all our products are compatible with each other.

11. Is your paint water-based? Yes, our products are water-based, except for Pure Plant Paint which is in powder form. 

12. Are all your products made in the USA? Yes, everything we offer is made in the USA; nothing is imported.

13. Where do you ship? We ship worldwide.


14. Can I use Gel Glaze to seal my canvas collage? Yes, Gel Glaze can be used as a sealer for your canvas collage.

15. What paint can I use for baby footprints? Our paints are perfect for baby footprints as they are non-toxic, strong, and washable.

16. Which product is best for painting a crib? Both Baby Safe Finishes and Perfect Paint are safe choices. Lightly sanding the crib before painting is recommended for better adhesion.

17. Can I use clear varnish for the inside of a baby cradle? Yes, our clear varnish is non-toxic and safe for various applications.

18. What type of brush is best to use with your products? Any brush or sponge can be used, and our Bristello brushes are recommended for fewer brush strokes.

19. Can Earth Safe Finishes products be used in a sprayer? Absolutely, all our products can be used with a sprayer.

20. Do tables need a topcoat? Yes, using one of our varnishes like Marine Varnish is recommended for table protection.

21. Can you paint concrete and rocks with your paints? Yes, our paints are suitable for painting various surfaces, including concrete and rocks.

22. Can I paint my fireplace with Perfect Paint? Yes, Perfect Paint is suitable for painting fireplace fronts and surrounding areas.

23. What's dry brushing? Dry brushing involves lightly applying a small amount of paint to enhance or highlight a painted surface.

24. How do I distress a surface? Distressing can be achieved by sanding, wiping, or using a "resist" to create an aged look.

25. Why varnish or seal? Varnishing or sealing provides professional protection and enhances color vibrancy.

26. How long should I wait between coats? We recommend waiting until the paint is dry to the touch, which can take 30 minutes to an hour.

27. How do I clean after painting? Clean your brushes with our Hand/Brush Cleaner or use soap and water for cleaning.

28. How do I protect countertops? Use our Marine Varnish to protect countertops, especially in high-use areas.

29. Can I achieve more sheen with flat paint? Yes, the desired sheen can be achieved with a protective varnish or wax.

Remember, Earth Safe Finishes products prioritize safety and quality for a wide range of applications.