A Revolution in Color: Introducing Pure Plant 🌿

A Revolution in Color: Introducing Pure Plant 🌿

We're excited to introduce Pure Plant Paint, a revolutionary product line poised to transform your creative projects. This innovative paint isn't ordinary; it combines outstanding features with a strong commitment to the environment and your well-being.

πŸ’š 100% Vegan: Pure Plant Paint is hemp-based with no gimmicks or fillers.

🌈 30 Vibrant Colors: Enjoy a diverse palette to create unique shades that reflect your creative spirit.

✨ Customizable Consistency and Color: Powder form allows freedom to adjust thickness and color.

🌏 Eco-Friendly Adhesion: Pure Plant Paint adheres flawlessly to various surfaces, including wood, brick, terracotta, canvas, metal, fabric, glass, and tile.

🌿 Non-Toxic: Our paint contains no harmful preservatives, solvents, VOCs, or heavy metals, ensuring safety for you and the planet.

🐾 Cruelty-Free: We're proud to be animal-friendly. Unlike traditional milk paint, Pure Plant Paint contains no animal products, making it an ideal choice for vegans and animal lovers.

πŸ–ŒοΈ Artist Quality: Crafted in powder form, it offers unmatched quality, suitable for professional artists and DIY enthusiasts.

πŸ’΅ Great Value: In powder form, it has an unlimited shelf life, allowing you to mix as needed.

πŸ›‘οΈ Unparalleled Safety: Our product prioritizes your health, now and always.

To expand your creative possibilities, we also offer complementary products like Pure Plant Botanical Oil, Pure Plant Botanical Wax, and Adhere – a VOC-free 100% acrylic additive enhancing paint performance.


Our commitment to exceptional customer service remains unwavering. We're here to address your questions and support your creative endeavors, as your success is our success.

Wishing you great adventures in creating!

Team Earthsafe