Summer Projects

Summer Saturdays: Wooden Cart Updo

Summer Saturdays: Wooden Cart Updo

Summer is all about embracing the warmth, sunshine, and the joy of creating, and we're here to help! We're excited to present our "Summer Saturdays" DIY series - the perfect opportunity to unleash your inner artist, one project at a time!

WEEK 1: Wooden Cart Updo

Spruce up your summer flower game with this awesome little wooden cart. It's the perfect canvas for some vibrant blooms!

Just give it a slick makeover using Earth Safe Finishes VOC free Stain/Sealer in the rockin' shade of Chestnut. Let it dry, then keep it looking fresh with Earth Safe Finishes Marine Varnish. Take your pick from matte, satin, or glossy finishes (satin was used here). And here's the best part: it's zero VOC, so you can enjoy your flower power guilt-free!

Thanks to the protection of Marine Varnish, this cart doesn't have to be a one-season wonder. When autumn rolls around, switch up the flowers for a cozy fall vibe. And when it's time to get into the holiday spirit, go all out with festive decorations. And a little reminder: Earth Safe Finishes is all about the good stuff—no toxic fumes, heavy metals, animal testing, or anything shady like that. It's water-based and proudly rocking seven third-party safety certifications.

Going to add this project to your personal list? Tag us in your photos and let us know how it came out! P.S. Cute cat not included—sorry!