Tips for Making Your Holiday Season Earth Safe

Tips for Making Your Holiday Season Earth Safe

Happy Holidays, Creators!

The season is a time of joy, celebrations, and unfortunately, increased waste. Did you know, according to Stanford University, households in the US throw out 25% more trash from Thanksgiving to New Year’s than any other time of the year?

At Earth Safe Finishes, we believe in the magic of the season and the power of eco-friendly creativity.

We want to share some sustainable ways to keep your holiday traditions alive while caring for our planet.

    • Instead of plastic, opt for natural materials like wood, pinecones, twigs, or dried flowers. This adds an authentic wintery feel to your holiday decorations.
    • Use our non-toxic, water-based paints to add silver, gold, white, or any festive accent color you choose to branches and leaves to create captivating centerpieces. 
    • Get creative with homemade ornaments, using materials and/or mementos around the house. Make it a holiday crafting event with friends and family!
    • Use energy-efficient LED lights with timers to reduce power consumption.

    • Use cloth, newsprint, kraft paper, or repurposed wrapping paper. 
    • Up the wow factor with baskets, tins, or cloth gift bags.
    • Decorate with fabric bows and ribbons instead of disposable ones.
    • Save packaging materials for future use for gifting or creative projects. Earth Safe Finishes has options that help transform gift wrap and ribbon into works of art. 

    • Go digital with books, subscriptions, and e-gift cards
    • Give non-toxic art supplies like Earth Safe Finishes, made from natural materials.
    • Choose clothing and stuffed toys made from sustainable and natural textiles like wool, linen, or organic cotton.
    • Consider pre-loved, second-hand & vintage items, or upcycle something to give it a new life. 
    • Give the gift of experience: spa days or outdoor activities are usually a win!


    • Use non-toxic cleaning supplies to prep your home for guests
    • Skip the plastic for bamboo or other biodegradable cutlery and dishware. Or pull out the good stuff that’s been collecting dust in your cabinets.
    • Choose sustainable food options. Plant-based food reduces carbon footprints, but If you prefer meat, consider options like fish or poultry. 
    • Minimize food waste by planning your menu carefully.

Let’s celebrate the season responsibly and sustainably. Together we can make a difference! 

Warmly from our family to yours,

Team Earth Safe