Color Your Crete Quinacridone Magenta

Sale price$8.95

It's not a paint, and not a stain. Color Your Crete is a newly developed product from Earth Safe Finishes that gives the artist many many options for creativity while safely creating a concrete piece of art. A strong highly pigmented medium that will marbleize your concrete, sponge onto the inside or outside of your concrete and absorb into the cement, changing the color instantly.

Color does not have to be added to the entire wet concrete mixture, pour a little in, swirl it around and pour into a mold for a marble effect. Sponge or wipe on colors on one side while changing color for the other side. Use faux finish techniques to sponge or drizzle. The color absorbs and becomes part of the vessel, your tray, your project.

Enhance with other colors and then seal or varnish to protect. Product quality comes in all levels. VOC free, heavy metal free, water based, high-quality - all good selling points to pass on to customers.

Color Your Crete comes in 18 vibrant colors.