Quick Dip

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Quick Dip has been formulated to be strong enough and safe enough to dip a concrete object into its solution and be able to seal both inside and outside with 1 dip. When dry it keeps the internal moisture in and the external moisture out. This has streamlined the protecting process while keeping the state of the art safety that Earth Safe Finishes is known for.

Seal cement, concrete, terra cotta, brick and more simply by immersing the object totally into the liquid that has been poured into a container deep enough for complete submersion. Lift out and gently wipe off drips taking care not to wipe liquid off of object. Lay on clean surface and let dry 24 – 48 hours. Cleanup with soap and water.

Quick Dip has all the attributes of any Earth Safe Finishes product – no VOC’s, Water based, Totally non toxic, No Heavy Metals, Archival, No Animal Testing, and made here in the USA. 

Size: Gal

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Chester Mainot

The best sealant for cement jars for candles!


It did not work for me :(… I tried sealing my Hydrostone jars twice, the wax seeped through the cement jar once lit changing the color of the jar.

I tried dipping the jars three times, 24 hours drying between each coat and again the wax seeped through.

Another problem, even though I wipe the excess liquid, it caused the rit dye and the direct colors cement pigment to streak. Some vessels developed wet streaks as well.

I wished this worked for me like it does for so many others :(… Ordered the duo sealer/preserver and varnish. Fingers-crossed.

anthony browne
Quick dip

I ordered the 32oz, the outcome was lumpy with acrylic chunks.
The vessels sealed were tasty after burning the candle as well

Helen Holmes
Concrete candle makers..

Concrete candle makers..rest assured. Your sealing problems are over..Earth safe finishes has you covered. This sealer is thick and will protect your vessel from wax leaking. Do what the commerical says...just do it (buy it). Thank you Earth safe finishes. I'm a permanent customer.

Francesca Dellarolle

I looked for similar products in Italy, but nothing. high shipping costs and customs payment. Worth all the money spent. unique product