Quick Dip Matte

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Quick Dip has been formulated to be strong enough and safe enough to dip a concrete object into its solution and be able to seal both inside and outside with 1 dip. When dry it keeps the internal moisture in and the external moisture out. This has streamlined the protecting process while keeping the state of the art safety that Earth Safe Finishes is known for.

Seal cement, concrete, terra cotta, brick and more simply by immersing the object totally into the liquid that has been poured into a container deep enough for complete submersion. Lift out and gently wipe off drips taking care not to wipe liquid off of object. Lay on clean surface and let dry 24 – 48 hours. Cleanup with soap and water.

Quick Dip has all the attributes of any Earth Safe Finishes product – no VOC’s, Water based, Totally non toxic, No Heavy Metals, Archival, No Animal Testing, and made here in the USA. 

Size: Gal