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We have developed an entire line of paint and paint products that are the safest on the planet. You can paint, varnish, stain, texturize, sculpt, etc. any object or surface without coming in touch with toxins that potentially could be life threatening.

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Non-Toxic Paint & Supplies

When Nancy started Earth Safe Finishes she knew she had to make a paint that was non-toxic without any off gassing or heavy metals. She knew she wanted to make an earth safe paint. 

The Best Paint Products for All of  Your Projects!

We specialize in the safest VOC free, heavy metal free paints and paint products! Our paint and related products are so safe you could eat them, though we do not recommend the taste. Rich vibrant colors for any project! Shop our full selection online or avoid shipping headaches by stopping by a retailer near you

Perfect Paint Seasonal Favorite Color is Roasted Pumpkin Custard
Non-toxic metallic paints by Earth Safe Finishes.
Marine Varnish Gloss

Marine Varnish

One of our best selling varnishes has a low VOC formula that does not become brittle or crack. Works on any surface.

voc free Iridescent Gel Medium by earth safe finishes by Earth Safe Finishes

Sheer Iridescences

We are excited to announce our Sheer Iridescence Colors for your painting options. From Gold Pearl to Onyx we have the colors you need. 

Rustifier Dark


The newest addition to our supply, come in light and dark. This water based compound is used to add a rust effect to your project.

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All of our products come in clear plastic containers that are free of known harsh chemicals and are ready to be recycled. You won't find any greed or materialism here, just a passion to make the world a safer place and the individual a healthier person. 


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